Pre-Convocation 2017 Survey

Somehow our Survey disappeared into the end of the Internet bit bucket. 8^(

Thankfully our faithful scribe was able to recover all the survey data that people entered. The survey is closed now, but here is the relevant information people might need that was on the survey, for example access to the ride sharing information.

UU Buddhist Convocation 2017

Greetings! We look forward to your participation at the UUBF Convocation at Menucha Retreat Center in Corbett, OR. There are several matters requiring your input or that we’d like to bring to your attention. Note: Some of this is time sensitive. Please read it all now and note items that request immediate action.

I. Food/dietary restrictions—please respond by the end of February:
Menucha Conference Center has a reputation for quality conference food, but based on a conventional North American diet. They will accommodate diverse dietary needs, but only if you submit directly to them their web-based alternate diet request form found at Please note that this form should be submitted three weeks before our conference starts, or by the end of February. The Menucha form mentions an extra charge per meal, but UUBF will absorb that cost in our Convocation budget.

On this survey for those registered for the Convocation, we would like to have an idea of how large an obligation we will carry for the alternative diet requests. In the space below, please let us know any non-negotiable dietary considerations you have, and any concerns you have after viewing the Menucha alternate diet request form. Please note this does not replace filing the form at the link above directly with Menucha.

II. Transportation:
Directions to Menucha Retreat Center can be found here:
Information about ground transportation from the airport (PDX) to Menucha can be found here:
If you are interested in forming a carpool with your own or a rented car, you may utilize this webpage:

III. Bedding/linens—no action required:
Some of the accommodations at Menucha Retreat Center request notification if you wish to rent linens, and others come with linens provided. The UUBF will be absorbing the cost of rental linens and they will be provided for all beds, regardless of how listed on Menucha’s website.

IV. Workshops—please respond by the end of February:
On Saturday afternoon there will be two workshop slots with offerings running concurrently. To assist us in scheduling for room size and to identify which ones are best not scheduled simultaneously (or to possibly run twice), please indicate your preference order of the following proposed workshops, with #1 being your first choice. Note that this is not a registration for the workshops, but information to aid the convocation organizers.

  1. Unitarian Universalism and Buddhism Intersection – Janine Larson
  2. Refuge Recovery Groups– Mike Preston, Buddhist chaplain. This workshop is based on the work of Noah Levine in his book Refuge Recovery: A Buddhist Path to Recovering from Addiction
  3. The Hidden Lamp: Stories of Awakened Women – Florence Caplow. This workshop will interactively explore koans and teaching stories of awakened Buddhist women from the book The Hidden Lamp. Come be inspired by the deep wisdom of women throughout the centuries.
  4. Art, Gate for Playful Inquiry – Amy Darling. Indeed, come play! This will be an experiential workshop. We’ll begin with contemplative inquiry with a koan or short text, inviting particular mindfulness of the body and awareness of the heart in response. A vibrant array of art materials will then be available allowing participants to move into visual expression inspired by the text and the inquiry. This practice, inspired by Gregory Kramer’s Dharma Contemplation, can be easily adapted to penetrate challenging texts, difficult conversations, and relational blockages.
  5. UU Buddhist Practice Groups: Starting, Care, Feeding, Troubleshooting – UUBF Board
  6. Sharing the Dharma With Children – Nicole Ko’In Newsom from Dharma Rain; Dharma Rain has been offering Buddhist spiritual and educational programs for youth ages 3-18 for over 30 years. They have a Sunday Dharma School, a week long sleep away summer camp and a new Montessori preschool. Ko’in will share what Dharma Rain has learned about what works and doesn’t work, and how to engage and involve families in spiritual practice.
  7. Bunny-sattva: The First Principle Extended to All Beings – Meredith Garmon

V. Post-Convo tour:
We are organizing a post-Convocation tour (at 2 pm) of Dharma Rain Zen Center, located about a half-hour from Menucha Retreat Center. Dharma Rain Zen Center was in need of more space for practice and purchased a 14 acre brownfield in Portland. Come see how they are restoring the land and creating a resource for the broader neighborhood and community.