Recordings from Stephen Batchelor’s Presentation 3/2015

Here are links to the mp3 files recorded during our UUBF Convocation with Stephen Batchelor.  They are large files that will download to your computer before they begin to play in most cases.  Depending on your computer’s settings, you may need to open a media player then select the downloaded file, likely saved in your download area.

Opening Worship Service (mp3)

Friday night (mp3) (video 1 of 6)
(there is some audio distortion on the mp3 version – video better)

Saturday morning – part 1 (mp3) (video 2 of 6)

Saturday morning – part 2 (mp3) (video 3 of 6)

Saturday afternoon (mp3) (video 4 of 6)

Saturday evening (mp3) (video 5 of 6)

Sunday morning (mp3) (video 6 of 6)

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